Friday, July 29, 2005


Those wily foxes at the Kent Messenger have sniffed me out.

Those Sainsbury's vouchers are but a fading dream...

Monday, July 11, 2005

Let the games commence

The Kent Messenger newspaper is currently holding it's 'Precious Pets 2005' competition.



After the success of entering a photoshopped baby, Juanzo, in The Kent & Sussex Courier's 'Baby of the Year' competition, I thought this one could be a chance to get more people involved. Unlike the Courier competition, the pet entries can be emailed.

Do you see?

The image must be an RGB Jpeg of at least 500kb - plus the name and age of your pet. The competition also requires your name, address and contact number - I'll leave that one up to you... and sent to - please mark the subject 'Precious Pets' to arrive before the deadline of Friday July 29th 2005.

There are four categories - dogs, cats, rabbits/rodents and other.

If you fancy a go - then photoshop your 500kb creature (make it fairly subtle), email it to the Kent Messenger (details above), upload a smaller version and send me a link so I can add your precious pet to this site.

My email is - or add the link on the guestbook.

If any of the pets get published I'll scan the newspaper and plop it up right here.

It took a while to think of photoshopped beasts to email - "Percy the pubic lice" almost became real but I felt he was a ltttle silly. Hybrids are better as they can enter a category other than...erm...other.

There was talk of 'pubic mice' - an interesting concept deemed nigh-on impossible re: the elephantic scrota required for habitation and the graceless task of explaining the creature's ill-informed consumption of cheese.

So, dear readers, don your magic thinking helmets and set those brainpods a throbbing.

(Don't forget, first prize is a wad of Sainsburys vouchers)

Here's my first entry: 'Princess' aged 5 (35 in cat years)

I'm sure you'll do better...


Mike writes:

Unfortunately, this fails the size test and I've lost the source images.

Poor little mite got run over by the bin lorry you see, but he's still alive and we love him.


Edwin writes:

May I introduce to Groucho. C'mon on boy...